Suge Knight Charged in Deadly Hit and Run

(Picture from wikipedia)

Following his involvement in a fatal hit and run crash and subsequent arrest last week, Marion “Suge” Knight, legendary founder of rap label, Death Row Records, has been charged with murder by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.  Knight, who has had his share of legal troubles in the past, is being held without bail due to being deemed a flight risk.  Knight is facing up to a life sentence if convicted of murder.

Knight is no stranger to legal problems and violently bad decision making.  Here is just a brief timeline of his run ins with the cops.

1997 – Suge Knight violates probation from an assault charge and is sentenced to nine years.  He is paroled in 2001.

2003 – Knight violates his parole after beating up a parking attendant and is sent back to prison.

2008 – Knight is arrested on aggravated assault charges.  Police arrive to find Knight beating his girlfriend and waving a knife.  The charges were later dismissed due to “witness problems.

Knight is currently on trial for robbery related to an incident that took place on October 29th, 2014.  Knight, along with comedian Katt Williams participated in the theft of a photographers camera.  If convicted on those charges, because of his prior criminal record, Knight is facing a potential 30 years in prison.

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