Too Old To Play?: These Guitarists Prove That You’re Never Too Old To Kick Ass!

Wholesomely nick-named rapper Young Thug says he won’t buy Jay-Z’s music because, “he’s too old”.  Jimmy Page and some other legendary artists prove that you’re never too old to make great music.

Jimmy Page in 2007.  Does he look too old to rock?
Jimmy Page in 2007. Does he look too old to rock?

Some rapper that we are apparently supposed to care about made some asinine comments recently.  Thats not really news, it happens all the time.  Hidden within the insane stupidity of the comments are questions that should be answered.

Young Thug, the rapper with the socially responsible stage name said today that, “Jay Z has some of the sickest lyrics ever, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age.” Go ahead.  Take a second, let that sink in. (You can see more of his absurd statements at


Ok, now that you’ve pulled out some hair and screamed yourself horse, lets prove that Immature Hooligan is wrong by taking a brief look at three legendary guitarists that can still make golden music in their golden years.


If you listen to rock, you’ve almost definitely heard of Led Zeppelin’s charismatic guitarist, Jimmy Page.  During his time with Led Zeppelin, Page performed and helped compose some of the most iconic songs in music history.  Not only is he a formidable guitarist, he also was the producer for the majority of Led Zeppelin’s catalogue.  Jimmy Page is now 71, but he and the surviving members of Led Zeppelin reunited for a one off reunion show in 2007 and showed the world that they are still one of the greatest bands on the planet. 


78 year old Chicago bluesman, Buddy Guy is still touring the world consistently, enthralling his audience with his hilarious stage banter and blistering blues guitar playing. 


B.B. King is often regarded as one of the last of the great old bluesmen, and for good reason.  This 89 year old powerhouse has become a household name thanks to his soulful singing and unique, powerful guitar style.  He has slowed down a little in the past few years, but still plays shows frequently around the world. 

So Young Thug, if that IS your real name, I rest my case.  Your ideas about good music having an age limit are bad, and you should feel bad.  The only way age would matter is if all you care about is image.  If all you care about is image, then you have already lost the respect of everyone who loves the art of music.


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