It’s The Little Things: Iggy Azalea’s Cultural Appropriation

Time for a new segment!  Where I (mercifully) briefly complain about people complaining about things that shouldn’t have anything to do with music, but do for some reason.  Today, I’ll talk about Iggy Azalea and her cultural appropriation.  Here is her hair.

This is Iggy's hair.  Looks bad right?
This is Iggy’s hair. Looks bad right?

People often complain about cultural appropriation when they talk about Iggy Azalea, because she’s white, and she’s Australian but makes her money from black culture.  I’m not here to discuss that cultural appropriation, I have another problem.

She is now appropriating Jewish culture as well.  Say what?!  Isn’t that a stretch?  You probably just said, “Andrew, come on man.”  Just hear me out.  Look at her hair again from a different angle.

Here is her hair from another angle.
Here is her hair from another angle.

Thats challah.  It’s a (delicious) Jewish braided bread that makes the best French (Jewish?) toast ever.  Iggy you scoundrel, that’s our bread you’re using as a hairpiece and frankly, I’d like some acknowledgement.  I’m not asking for much, maybe a little hebrew rapping on your next album?


2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Iggy Azalea’s Cultural Appropriation

  1. Ali nugent February 9, 2015 / 6:24 pm

    i think if anything she would be appropriating ancient Greece culture. but honestly cultural appropriation is so weird because I do agree its not right to wear bindi as fashion stamens or native american head dresses but honestly if the human embodiment of swiss cheese that is Iggy azalea wants to braid her hair like a ancient Greece woman, or i guess a great Jewish bread then let her. I mean if you want to go that deep, how many thing are you wearing right now are completely not appropriated in any way? probably none. boom lawyered.

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    • Andrew Hutz February 9, 2015 / 6:41 pm

      I love your post. I do want to clarify that this was satirical. I was making fun of how seriously the idea of cultural appropriation has been distorted. A bunch of record executives ripping off black blues musicians to get rich without giving royalties or credit is a problem, but I saw an article a few weeks ago where the internet bullied and attacked a 12 year old white girl for braiding her hair in a certain way because it was a “black hair style” and she was “disrespecting an entire culture.” This poor little kid just wanted to have a hairstyle she liked and people got so hyped up that she apologized and changed her hair. I felt like this comparison was similarly ludicrous. I think it worked because I got a thoughtful little discussion about the subject out of it. I’m trying to determine if any of my current clothing could be regarded as “cultural appropriation”, and I’m not sure that any of it can be based on a reasonable definition. Denim? Knit caps? I’m not sure, it’ll be interesting to look up.

      Do you think that it’s still “cultural appropriation” if the person doing the “appropriating” is consciously aware and respectful not only of where the item comes from but what it’s cultural significance is? I think the biggest problem is finding out where we draw a line.


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