5 reasons to love tribute bands

Some people actively go out of their way to talk down to people who play in tribute or cover bands. Maybe they just want to have fun and rock out on stage. Here are some great reasons!


1. The original band is not touring anymore … or they’re all dead

Probably the most obvious and most common reason why people love tribute bands. If a band is not touring anymore, a tribute band is most likely your only or best option to still be able to hear your favourite music live in concert.

The Bootleg Beatles. Photo by leeds-list.com. The Bootleg Beatles. Photo by leeds-list.com.

2. If you’re lucky, concert tickets might be cheaper (or free!)

In my experience, if you want to see a tribute band in concert, the tickets are usually affordable. Depending on how famous the band is, of course. Keeping an eye open for free shows is also a good idea. Some bands do gigs at free events, such as festivals. Who doesn’t love a bit of free music?


3. A chance to hear your favourite band’s music in a different style

Some tribute bands play a band’s…

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