Bruce Dickinson From Iron Maiden Battling Cancer


I got some upsetting news yesterday.  Heavy metal news sites blew up yesterday when the legendary band, Iron Maiden, revealed that singer and frontman, Bruce Dickinson, had just completed treatment for tongue cancer.

The small tumor was discovered during a routine doctor visit around Christmas.  Dickinson underwent a round of radiation and chemo, which he has finished.  His medical team says that he should make a full recovery, but will require several months t0 get back to 100%.

Bruce Dickinson.  Pretty cool right?
Bruce Dickinson. Pretty cool right?

The announcement caused a great deal of concern for me, and many metal fans.  Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden are beloved and respected world-wide for their high energy, melodic music and their hard-working, classy image.  I have been an Iron Maiden fan since I was 14, and they were the first metal band I ever got into.  Best of luck to Bruce Dickinson.  I’m sure he will be back singing, flying planes, fencing, and being the coolest person in all of music.

For more information on Iron Maiden visit


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