Huge News From Iron Maiden!

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are an awesome heavy metal band and after last week’s scary news about singer Bruce Dickinson’s cancer diagnoses and treatment, the fans have been in need of some good news.  We got some today.

Iron Maiden’s drummer and public face, Nicko McBrain (best name in metal) said today in an interview on 98.7 the Gater, that, “We have made an album.  The album was ready to go this year… and it still is. We were planning on going out and doing some work around the album, which now, we’re all just holding on, and once Bruce is up and running, hopefully in the next couple of months, we’ll… You never know when this might happen. You just never know, do you?” (Watch the full interview here.)

This will be Iron Maiden’s 16th studio album since 1980 and their 1st since 2010’s The Final Frontier.  Iron Maiden’s world famous brand of high energy metal and elaborate stage productions have earned them a dedicated fan base all over the world, and those fans will be thrilled to hear the good news.  Since their reunion with their singer, Bruce Dickinson and guitarist, Adrian Smith in 2000, they have moved towards a more progressive style with longer songs and more complex musical compositions, but they haven’t lost their signature sound.  Below is an example of one of their classic songs, as well as one from their most recent album.

It is also nice to get a more personal update on how Bruce Dickinson is doing.  Last week, he announced that he was diagnosed with tongue cancer back in December and that he had just finished his treatments.  The prognosis is very good and he is expected to make a full recovery.

We all know that with a new album, comes a world tour, so there is even more to look forward to on the horizon.  Best wishes to Bruce Dickinson for a speedy recovery and return to music.  Up the Irons!

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