Ukuleles For Ukraine: Giving The Gift Of Music

Ukuleles for Ukraine

Charitable causes are great, and it’s always nice to see and participate in them, but every now and then, there is a charity that just seems totally excellent.  This is one of those.

Ukuleles for Ukraine is a charity initiative created by Quinn Boylan and Mark Griffiths.  The idea is to raise money in order to bring musical equipment, toys, clothing and other essentials to an orphanage in Ukraine.  I think this is a beautiful idea, because they will also be donating their time by teaching the children to play the ukuleles and other instruments they provide.  People don’t always recognize the value of music, and I think that these gentlemen are going to be providing a lifelong gift for these children.

According to their fundraiser site:

All donations will go directly to supplies such as:
-Ukuleles for Ukraine: Aiming to bring over 30 ukuleles, kazoos, melodicas, etc. to encourage their creativity and musicality.

-Basic toys: footballs, board games, jenga, lego, etc.

-Clothing: winter clothing, shoes, socks, blankets, pillows, etc.

-Basic toiletries and medicines as requested by the orphanage

-Books and electronics: Billingual bibles, dictionaries, children’s books, etc. to help to children speak English better and increase employability in the future.

To confirm: 100% of ALL FUNDS raised will go directly towards purchasing the above mentioned supplies for the kids. Thank you in advance!

You can donate to this excellent cause by visiting:

You can also follow Ukuleles for Ukraine at

Ukuleles for Ukraine is sponsored by D’Addario Strings and Octopus Ukulele


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