New Iron Maiden Music? Its Finally Here.


For fans of Heavy Metal, there are few bands that inspire more awe, respect and metal horns than the mighty Iron Maiden.  A new Iron Maiden release is always an exciting occasion and today, they have released their first single, Speed of Light from their upcoming album, The Book of Souls.  This is the first new Iron Maiden song in five years, and it is a very exciting event.

The song starts off with a guitar riff, a big Bruce Dickinson scream and the kicks into what can only be described as classic Maiden style.  Bruce Dickinson’s voice has gotten better with age, and this song shows it.  He doesn’t quite have the range that he did in the early days of the band, but he more than makes up for it with the emotion and power of his delivery.  Musically, it is standard Iron Maiden.  Its not one of their long epics, and it doesn’t hold up to songs like The Trooper or Aces High, but its a strong return to their roots.  In years past, Iron Maiden have explored and added more progressive elements to their music to great results, but this song shows that the band can still rock out with the best of them.  Steve Harris’ bass lines are crisp and drive the song forward strongly.  His signature galloping style is largely responsible for Iron Maiden’s unique sound.  The drums sound heavy and Nicko McBrain does an excellent job of not only keeping time, but improving the song with his creative fills and interesting patterns.  McBrain is often overlooked during discussions about great metal drummers, but to be able to play in a band like Iron Maiden, you have to be one of the best.  Guitars on this song are impressive to say the least.  Iron Maiden are one of the few bands with three guitarists and they continue to excel with that setup.  This song is not one of their more complicated on the guitar, but it does feature the heavy riffs, catchy leads and high energy guitar solos that have helped cement Iron Maiden as one of the biggest metal bands in the world for the last thirty five years.

Overall, this song gives me a lot of confidence that Iron Maiden’s new album Book of Souls will be an excellent album.  It will be released on September 4th, and is their first double album.  Hopefully we will be getting a tour announcement soon after the release of the album.  With this song’s high energy level, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the one they open their concerts with. The band doesn’t disappoint with this song and after five years of waiting, the world can finally rejoice, because Iron Maiden is back!

For more information on Iron Maiden and their upcoming album, The Book of Souls, visit:


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